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Monday, January 15, 2018

Joe Flanigan Wizard World Austin 2017

I enjoyed the original movie Stargate and I also enjoy the various TV series it spawned. I’m looking forward to the new series coming out ‘soon’.  When I saw that Joe Flanigan was appearing in Austin, I wanted to go. He was the lead in Stargate Atlantis.

Wizard World can be irritating. The shows have gotten smaller in Austin. That might be true for all of their locations. And they also have some guests that you need to buy an autograph ticket instead of paying cash at the table. I’m sure there is a reason some guests accept cash and some don’t but I’m often surprised by who requires it.

Regardless, I needed a ticket for Joe. Okay, no big deal. No one was in line. I figured I’d walk over and buy a ticket and be back in 2 shakes. I went to the booth to buy a ticket. There was a line there. I waited about 20 minutes to get my ticket for Joe.

I walked back to the Joe’s table and he was gone for lunch. Ugh. It happens.

When he returned, I got walked up, still no line, and got his autograph. He thanks me for watching the show and I went to other things.


Friday, January 12, 2018

Carel Struycken Rockula 2017

You probably know him as Lurch from the two Addam’s Family movies. I know Carel Struyken as Mr Homn from the Star Trek relaunch.

While he was scheduled to appear all day, he didn’t show until 1 PM or so. Which was frustrating as it was the last autograph I needed.  And because the show was small, we were basically all standing around doing nothing for a couple of hours. We were ready to get back on the road and head home to Dallas.  If I was by myself, I would have done that. When you are with other people, you need to compromise.  I’m glad I did wait. I’m happy I added this signature.

Carel was nice.  Once he showed, he did have a line of 15 people that had been waiting. Most of them were hard core Trekkies.   They had specific items that needed to be signed. Those items were already adorned with multiple signatures.  They had specific locations for his autograph. This was slow. But he listened. He checked on where he was to sign. He even tested the pen he was given to ensure it didn’t blot of skip.  Classy.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Shawnee Smith Rockula 2017

I had to look twice but I did not have Shawnee Smith in my collection. I know she has been to Texas before. I’m not sure what my excuse was.

She was at Rockula. Mostly because of her role in the Saw movies but it’s also a tie in to Dean Cameron with the movie Summer School.
She was nice. The crowd for her on Sunday was light. But then the convention was not crowded at all. The guests were in all one room (apparently the day before the guests were in 2 different hotels) that was a small meeting room that also had some vendors in it.
When I mentioned I enjoyed the movie Summer School, she made sure I was aware that Dean was present. That was nice.  As I waited for my friends to finish, I chatter with her husband. He was up and away from the table.  He mentioned the convention circuit was new to him and he was traveling to a few cities to see what it was like.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Deborah Foreman Rockula 2017

Deborah Foreman was a bundle of energy; in a good way. She stepped out from behind the table and chatted. She talked about going to Richardson High School and Valley Girl and standing up for herself. With one of my graphing buddies she talked about Val Kilmer and Real Genius.

She suggested the memorable quote on the photo.

She was outgoing she gave my friends and me a lot of love and attention. She tried to teach me to look through the camera and let my smile come out naturally.  I still look like someone is poking me with a stick in the ‘nethers’. But she really tried.  On day, when I’m fatter and bald (at least the grey won’t show), I’ll be doing a selfie with my walker and then - THEN – the smile will be natural. And we can look back to the day the Deborah gave me some tips for smiling.



Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Vanessa Angel Rockula 2017

Way way back in late 90’s, a college buddy told me I HAD to watch Kingpin which was all over HBO. At the time, I was not a Woody Harrelson fan so I was not optimistic. I did enjoy Bill Murray so gave it a chance and watched it. What an insane movie. For me, it started slow and painful but I stuck with it and it just got odder and funnier.
That is the movie that put Vanessa Angel on the map for me.   
As always, she was nice. We talked about Kingpin. She mentioned she was skeptical about some of the scenes and some the last minute changes. But as filming continued everyone started to ‘get into it’.